Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An Afternoon With The Muppets

Every now and then life - real life…you know, the shit that matters - begs your participation. 

On a rare half-day of school recently, my wife called me at work and asked if I wanted to meet her and the kids for a matinee showing of The Muppets Most Wanted.  My schedule was clear, but the tug of work responsibilities and the hassle of interrupting my day nudged me toward taking a pass.

But that would have rendered this day just like every other nondescript day during the grind.  It also would have left a memory unmade - a terrible mistake in the finite word of fatherhood.  So I offered my 9 to 5 a hearty middle finger (mentally, of course), turned in a leave slip and bolted to the theater to hang with my demon seeds, a famous frog and a swine diva. 

Two hours later I emerged with a couple of smiling kids, a reconnection with my youth and the exclamation point for a successful day in dad-ville.  Good luck finding your exclamation point.  Admittedly they can be elusive. 

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