Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Father

Strong, poised and confident
A source of humor, a calm counterforce to malcontent
Provider and handyman
Wise sage and slayer of the boogieman

Everything he has always been

Cook, housekeeper, diaper changer and taxi service
Source of encouragement or a timely hug for reassurance
Emotional support, a sympathetic ear
Defender, advocate, an antidote to fear

Everything else he has become

Ads, T.V. shows and movies – methods to resist
That progress…so antiquated stereotypes still persist
To marginalize, overlook and mock
Mom’s equal cohort and the family’s indispensable rock

This despite the progress, what he now is

No worries, no apologies – it is what fathers do
The family’s drumbeat whose perpetuity is assumed
Credit isn’t necessary, nor is praise
Just a pat on the back on one dedicated day